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during their Northern European Circuit trip in the summer of 2004.

Starting in Munich, Germany, we drove and traveled over 23,000 kms through France and England

to Scotland and then across to Norway and returning to Germany via Denmark.



Website Updates


31 December, 2005


Please see our Annual Christmas Letter for 2005.

Our travels for 2005 have not yet been added to our website - the journal for our

trip to China was produced in a different format and has not yet been converted.



25 February, 2005


Somewhat delayed, we have finally added our journal for our

Northern European Circuit trip from 1 May to 19 August, 2004.



29 February, 2004


Our journal for our Trans-Russia and Mongolia trip

from 2 July to 11 September, 2003 has been added.


Also, very belatedly, we have added our journal for our activities and travels in

Asia in 2003 and during the Summer of 2002.



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