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The Travels of

Jacqui and Lars

England - 2004



Arrive:  13 May, 2004

Depart:  17 May, 2004



Major Locations Visited:


-  Winchester

-  Twyford

-  London

-  Croydon

-  St. Albans

-  Coventry

-  Port of Tyne (Newcastle)


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Dates Location

13 May, 2004

On board the Ferry Val de Loire on the English Channel to Portsmouth, England to Twyford

14 May, 2004

Twyford with a day trip to London

15 May, 2004

Twyford to East Croydon

16 May, 2004

East Croydon to St. Albans to Coventry

17 May, 2004

Coventry to Tarbert, Scotland

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