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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Color Line Ferry from Kiel to Oslo - 

8-9 July, 2000


Ferry00_Boat_23.jpg (272904 bytes) We took the Color Line ferry the MS Kronprins Harald from Kiel to Oslo.  It was an overnight journey, leaving in the afternoon and arriving early the next morning.
Ferry00_Cabin_Jac_59.jpg (285860 bytes) We had a very small, but practical cabin.  In any case, we did not spend too much time in there as we had lots of other things to do.
Ferry00_Bridge_Jac_27.jpg (306856 bytes) We went to visit the bridge - it was a good thing that they did not let Jacqui take over the controls of the ship.
Ferry00_Sea_Bridge_Sun_47.jpg (310345 bytes) From there we went to look at the new bridge that they built connecting Denmark and Sweden.  We had a great view.
Ferry00_Sea_Sun_36.jpg (310230 bytes) The sea, sky, clouds and sun were beautiful.
Ferry00_Lifeboat_64.jpg (286595 bytes) But just in case the seas got rough and we had to abandon ship, they had all the required life boats!
Ferry00_OsloF_61.jpg (286488 bytes) We spend the morning watching as we cruised up the Oslo Fjord.
Ferry00_Oslo_Dock_67.jpg (278414 bytes) And we finally arrived in Oslo, where we were met by Lars' parents.  Then began our 3 week visit to Norway.


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