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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Kenya - 24 January, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Nairobi (Dolat Hotel) S0117.057' E03648.888' 1,010 m
Finish Nairobi (Dolat Hotel) S0117.057' E03648.888' 1,010 m -


21,496 km

576 km


Weather: Cloudy with drizzle and cool/warm.  Late afternoon - partly cloudy with occasional sun.  Cool at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

We sleep until just before 8 AM when Paolo comes and wakes us up.  We get ready and then head out to the internet cafe.  We grab something for breakfast on our way.  We spend the morning in the internet cafe, with Lars updating the website.


Just before noon, we head back to the hotel to drop off our stuff, after which we go out for lunch.  We grab something at one of the fast food places.  We decide to spend the afternoon at the National Museum.  While it has started to drizzle, we elect to walk there - the best way to see the town.  It takes about 45 minutes to walk there, including a stop at the Norfolk Hotel - it looks like a very nice hotel and we wanted to check it out.


Once at the museum, we head straight into the main exhibit hall.  The museum is quite good.  First we look at an exhibit on the geology of Kenya and the Rift Valley.  From there, we look at some cave paintings followed by an exhibit on fossils and what has been found in the region.  We then head upstairs, with the first stop being the bird exhibit - they have an amazing collection of over 1,000 stuffed birds, with most being from Africa.  It is a great display and it is interesting to find some of the birds that we have seen so far on our trip.


The next hall had a number of modern paintings by Kenyan artists for sale - we are interested in a couple and may come back later.  From there they have a number of exhibits on items from everyday life in traditional Kenya.  The walls were also covered with paintings by Joy Adamson (of "Born Free" fame) of the different people and tribes in Kenya in their traditional dress.  It is a great record.  We then passed quickly through the stuffed animal collection - rather see them in the wild and went to the gift shop.  We then looked at a temporary exhibit on Asian-African heritage, mainly focusing on the Indians that came under the British to construct the railways.


We then headed back into town, stopping at a number of shops along the way.  Because of all these stops, we did not make it back to the hotel until after 5 PM.  We changed and prepared to go out for dinner.  We arranged transport and we headed out to Carnivore - a restaurant that serves game meat.  It is a bit out of town and it took about 30 minutes to get there.  We first have a drink in the bar and then decide to eat in the bar area.  The buffet was very expensive and they had only two types of game meat, the rest was things like pork and sausages.


Kenya01_Nairobi_Carnivore_Pool_Web.gif (93583 bytes)

After a few drinks, we order a number of dishes along with one kilo of game meat - 500 g of zebra and 500 g of eland.  We go through the food quickly and the game meat is quite good and we enjoy it very much.  After we finish eating, we decide to play some pool.  The bar area is starting to fill up and the waiter is kind enough to reserve out table.  We end up playing about 8 games of pool.  There is an attendant at the pool table that is great fun.  He gets the balls out and arranges them at great speed with a wonderful flourish - we enjoy watching it each time we play a new game.  By now, the bar is very full and more people keep coming (and this is a Wednesday!!!), so we decide to free up the pool table and head back to our table.


The place has become a real meat market.  The dance floor is full and the music is pounding off the walls.  We cans see couples forming up and breaking apart - and many failed attempts.  Everyone is dressed to kill.  We end up staying until after 2 AM - the driver of our car was not very happy, but he had agreed to stay as long we wanted.  Anyway, we had good fun.


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