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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Burkina Faso - 22 November, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Ouagadougou (Ouaga Camping) N1220.244' W00130.651' 372 m  


[10,458+] km


Weather: Mostly clear, sunny and very hot.  Cool in the evening and night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Today we head into downtown Ouaga.  We first head to the Ghana embassy, where we need to apply for our visas.  After filling out all the forms and submitting them, we walked around town.


After changing some money, Craig meets up with one of his friends, Ben.  We head off to a cafe for a light snack.  Jacqui and Lars then split off to go check out some of the shops to see what we can find.  We get an idea of what we want, then see if we can get into the museum - but it is closed.  After a very nice lunch, we go to the post office to mail our post cards and buy some stamps to collect.


We then head back to meet the truck.  Ben has been kind enough to invite a number of us to stay at his place tonight (and given the state of Ouaga Camping, we were happy to take him up on his offer).  We collected our sleeping gear from the truck and then headed off with Ben.  He had a pick-up truck and as there was not enough room for all of us, some of us had to sit in the back.  Also, we wanted to put our stuff in the cab, as we did not want to tempt any snatch thief.  After stopping off at the shop to pick up some of the items that we had picked out, we headed out to Ben's home.


After a quick shower and a few drinks, we went out for dinner and a few drinks.  As we were in the city anyway, it was good to see some of the local night life.











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