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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


England - 13 May, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Aboard Brittany Ferries MV Val de Loire enroute to England . . . .
Portsmouth harbor, England . . . 320 km (by ferry)
Twyford . . . .
Winchester . . .  
Finish Twyford, England (Orchard House bed & breakfast) N5103.706' W00118.268' 82 meters 96 km

Total (BMW 330CiC)

2,220 km

Total (other):

775 km


2,995 km


Weather: Mostly cloudy, occasional sun, cool and breezy.



We did not sleep well on this ferry crossing, and we also had to get up early.  An hour before docking (at 4:30 AM), from our loudspeaker came the most horrible female voice telling us that it was time to get up.  And when that was over, awful music was piped through into our room through the same loudspeaker.  What a way to wake up.  After trying to snooze for a while, we decided that it was not worth fighting the noise penetrating into our cabin and got up and got ready for the day.  We then hung around and waited to be told when to go to our cars, but due to the poor quality sound emitted from the speakers, no one could really hear what was going on, so most people went down to the car deck and their cars to early.


Even after docking and the ramps opening, we had to hang around.  We were parked on an upper deck, and they had to remove all the trucks first.  This took some time - they even had to search for one of the drivers who held things up.  After almost an hour from docking, we were in our cars and driving off the ferry.  We were soon through customs (with the now usual extra glance at our passports and enquiry on our plans) and on our way.


We are heading up to Twyford to visit Lars' brother and his family.  From Portsmouth, the drive is not to long and we quickly make our way there on the motorways before the traffic gets too heavy.  If it was not for one mistake missing one exit, we would have been there sooner.  The rest of the day is spent hanging out with family.  We have a very warm greeting from our four nieces/nephews, but they have to head off to school.


That day we go and and check out the status of the renovation work being done on their house in Winchester - a major operation.  Then down into the town itself to find a B&B for us to stay in for the next two nights (no room in the small house they are renting at the moment in Twyford).  But we are lucky - we find one within walking distance.  We still have some time until lunch, so we take a short wander around town and take in some of the many sites the old city had to offer.  For lunch we grab something quick and light at the Cathedral cafe.


In the afternoon, we go and pick up the boys from school and take them to a nearby golf course for a bit of golf practice and fun.  It is amazing - they are certainly getting pretty good for such young boys.  We get back to the house around 5 PM and it is now time for us to check into our B&B.  Nothing special, but it will do.  We return to the house and hang around until it is time to go for dinner.  We decide to head out to the Chestnut Horse - what a great choice.  It is an old pub - the kind where you have to watch your heading while walking around if you do not want a nasty concussion.  We have some great beer, wine and fish & chips.  The latter is just fantastic - huge portions and very yummy!


We carry on back at the house with some more wine before retiring to our B&B for the night.


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