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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


England - 15 May, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Twyford (Orchard House bed & breakfast) N5103.706' W00118.268' 82 meters .
Finish East Croydon (Auntie Betty and Uncle George's place) N5122.942' W00003.836' 37 meters 155 km

Total (BMW 330CiC)

2,375 km

Total (other):

925 km


3,300 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny and very warm (around 20C).



We are up by 8 AM and out of our B&B before 9 AM.  Today we skip the breakfast there, and drove over to Kevin's for a much better breakfast there.  Jacqui is especially happy with the excellent coffee.  The morning is spent hanging out there and playing with the children.  Then at 11 Am we head out with the boys to take them to soccer practice.  I sit and watch them work on their skills while Kevin runs some errands.  The coaches have set up a very good program that keeps them busy and learning new skills and improving on existing ones.  The two coaches handle the large group very well.


After soccer practice we head back home with a small detour to pick up my niece from her Saturday morning activities.  Back home there is no rest for the aunt and uncle.  Time to play.  And this time on the trampoline.  In the bright sun it is hot and sticky work (we mean play!!!).  We have a delightful lunch sitting outside on the terrace.  What great weather we are having.


We hang out for a while after lunch, but we must soon leave.  We are on our way to East Croydon for the evening to visit friends of Jacqui's - Aunt Betty and Uncle George and their family.  Our drive into London's suburbs is pretty stress free due to advance planning and photo copies of selected pages of the A-Z.  We arrive in Croydon just in time to meet everyone at the hospital, where Thida is resting after giving birth the day before to Aurora.  It is very good timing.


After our brief visit to the hospital and the latest addition to their family, we head back to Aunt Betty and Uncle George's place.  After a short rest, we are joined by their son Fred and we all head out for dinner.  We find a nice Asian place, which has a wide selection of foods.  It turns out to be a bit tough to order, but in the end the selections we make our good ones.


Back at the house, we relax and watch some TV.  It turns out that the Eurovision finals are on and what a wonderfully silly show it is.  Lars has not seen this for over 20 years and it is still pretty much the same - mediocre talent with voting based not on performance, but rather on national interest and voting blocks.  Can not really remember, but either a Baltic nation or one of the former Yugoslav breakaways won it. All the nearby neighbors voted for each other, so these small countries were able to gather lots of votes for each other.  It was all very amusing, especially with the witty British commentator being very politically incorrect with his observations.  Very refreshing in this day and age.


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