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Trans-Russia and Mongolia 2003  -  The Best Camp Sites


During our Trans-Russia and Mongolia, we really only camped in two areas - Kamchatka and Mongolia.  We did a 12 day trek through the central volcanoes of Kamchatka and spent 14 days driving around Mongolia in a Russian army jeep.  In Mongolia we have only included those places where we camped in out tent, excluding those beautiful places we spent in a ger.  Set out below are a selection of some of the best camp sites that we enjoyed in those two places.


Russia - Trekking the Volcanoes of Central Kamchatka

Russia03_CD04_26_web.jpg (41734 bytes)

Tolbachick Base Camp at Lunakhodchikov, Kamchatka, Russia - 14-17 July, 2003


Russia03_CD06_32_web.jpg (69744 bytes)

Camp site enroute from old geologists camp to Platina Camp, Kamchatka, Russia - 18-19 July, 2003


Russia03_CD08_05_web.jpg (62947 bytes)

Platina Camp at the base of Bezemyanny Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia - 19-21 July, 2003


Russia03_CD08_23_web.jpg (93314 bytes)

Camp site enroute from Platina Camp to the final camp, Kamchatka, Russia - 21-22 July, 2003


Mongolia - Home of Genghis Khan

Mongolia03_CD16_10_web.jpg (89931 bytes)

Bush camp, Chuluut River, Arkhangai Aimag, Mongolia - 3 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD17_26_web.jpg (142304 bytes)

Bush camp, river south of Tsenkher, Arkhangai Aimag, Mongolia - 5 August, 2002


Mongolia03_CD20_02_web.jpg (127220 bytes)

Bush camp, Naiman Nuur lake, Khangai Nuruu National Park (Khuislin Naiman Nuur Nature Reserve), Mongolia - 7 August, 2002


Mongolia03_CD20_12_web.jpg (49616 bytes)

Bush camp, northwest of Guchin-Us, Övörkhangai Aimag, Mongolia - 8 August, 2002


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