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South America Circuit 2001/02 - The Best Parties


As we made our way around South America, we had the occasional party.  Some got a little out of control - normally the result of too much alcohol (funny that).  But for some reason, we did not have has many wild occasions as on our Trans-Africa.  Maybe it was because we were in more cities and other tourist attractions where there other things to do than just hang out at our camp site and drink around the fire.  In this short selection of our best parties in South America, please excuse us if we have missed out on some that are others' favorites.


Ecuador01_Jungle_Day2_12_Camp_Party_C53_Web.jpg (35159 bytes)

Billy Clarke Lodge, Rio Napo, The Oriente, Ecuador - 8 November, 2001



Lima, Peru - 19 November, 2001

Chile01_LaSerena_Dinner_Vodka_Melissa_Jac_195_Web.jpg (87054 bytes)

Christmas Eve, La Serena, Chile - 24 December, 2001

Chile01_LaSerena_Breakfast_Dancing_C200_Web.jpg (104492 bytes)

Christmas Day, La Serena, Chile - 25 December, 2001

Chile01_Villaricca_NYEve3_Dinner_C208_Web.jpg (94374 bytes)

New Year's Eve, Pucon, Chile - 31 December, 2001

Brazil02_Rio3_Samba06_Lars_C370_Web.jpg (85348 bytes)

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 8-12 February, 2002

Brazil02_Canoa1_Party3_C454_Web.jpg (90565 bytes)

Pool party, Canoa Quebrada, Brazil - 2 March, 2002

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