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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Togo/Benin - 7 December, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Lome (Auberge La Gallion) N0609.088' E00118.125' 0 m  
Togo - Benin border
Finish Grand Popo, Benin (Auberge de Grand Popo) N0616.759' E00149.770' 10 m 73 km


13,872 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny and very hot.  Cool in the evening and night.  Strong breeze on the ocean.  Heavy dew overnight.



Daily Journal Entry:

We have a bit of a slow start and struggle out of bed after 7 AM today.  After a quick shower and packing up our stuff, we head down to the courtyard of the hotel to have breakfast.  In addition to the petit dejeuner they offered us, we also had a cheese omelet.  Once we had settled our bill (always an experience with a French hotel owner), we headed back to the shop to get the piece of material that we had decided to get.  It was another kente cloth, but this time made by the Ewe tribe, rather than the Ashanti (we already have three form the latter).  They are not as common and have different colors and style.


On our way to the internet cafe, we picked up a mozzie net to put over our tent while we sort out the problem we have with the zipper on our tent.  Once at the internet cafe, we are pleased to find out that REI will be sending us a new tent in Nigeria.  We hope that it will get there in time and that we will be able to collect it.


Togo00_EnrouteBenin_TruckRepair_1416_Web.gif (209976 bytes)

We met up with the truck shortly after 10 AM, and we are on our way to Benin.  Togo is very small, so after a short drive (which included a minor repair job to the truck), we reach the border just an hour later.  On the Togo side, Jacqui asks an official if she can use the toilet, and he points her towards the bush - so the bush we use.  Formalities are straight forward, and we are through both borders in one hour.  We also need to switch our watches forward one hour - which is great, as the sun as been coming up and setting too early.


Benin00_Popo_Campsite_Truck_1420_Web.gif (264933 bytes)

Our first destination in Benin is Grand Popo - which is not much other than a beach resort.    We are there by 2 PM and take it easy for the rest of the afternoon.  It is a wonderful spot.  They have really done an excellent job of setting it up.


Lars worked on the fire tonight (that is his new job - Jacqui's is to clean the truck).  Dinner was excellent - Dutch hodge-podge (potatoes, carrots and onions all cooked up and then mashed) with meat balls.  Very well done.  As usual, Lars is stuffed after dinner.


After a quick shower, we head off to our tent for a very nice nights sleep.

























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