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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


South Africa - 21-24 May, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Cape Town - De Waterkant Lodge S3354.947' E01824.990' 54 m
Cape Town International Airport 20 km
Finish Kuala Lumpur (Home) N0309.580' E10144.464' 15 m


41,811 km

21,001 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, occasional sun, and cool.  Cold at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

21 May, 2001 (Cape Town):


Today is our last day in Cape Town.  We spend the day getting organised.  We drop off the rental car, after which we have errands to run and we have to finish packing our bags.


22 May, 2001 (Cape Town to Singapore):


We are up early today - we are finally going home.  After breakfast, we finish packing our bags and call a cab.  We are off to the airport.  We are wondering if we will have any problems with our bags - we put them on the scale and our checked bags weigh - 182 kgs.  This gives the check-in lady a pause - not sure if she has seen so much before.  In the end, our Singapore Airlines PPS club status comes in handy and we have no problem checking it all on.


We do some last minute shopping and the we are crossing the tarmac to board the Singapore Airlines Mega Top - it is a full flight and all the seats ate taken.  We are in the back - in a two seater.  After a brief transit stop in Johannesburg, we carry on.  We are unable to sleep, so we take advantage of the Kris World entertainment system and catch up on some of the movies that we have missed.


23 May, 2001 (Singapore):


We land in Singapore early in the morning - just before 6 AM.  Nagi is kind enough to put us up and we take the morning getting a bit of sleep.  In the afternoon, we split up - Lars catches up with his friends and some does some errands and Jacqui sees her friends.  That night we have dinner with a bunch of our friends.


24 May, 2001 (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur):


Today is the day we finally return home.  We catch the shuttle to Kuala Lumpur and head straight home.  Jacqui's mom is waiting for us and they have a great reunion.


While we have had a trip of a life time, it is wonderful to be home ....


... but do not think we will be staying here for long ...



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