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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Namibia/South Africa - 6 May, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Fish River Canyon - Ai-Ais Campsite S2755.006' E01729.343' 215 m
Namibia - South Africa Border (Noordoewer)
Finish Springbok Karaavan Park S2940.402' E01753.962' 876 m 356 km


40,323 km

19,503 km


Weather: Clear, sunny, and cool with a breeze.  Very cold at night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Today we leave Namibia and enter South Africa - our last country on this Trans-Africa trip.  It is a bitter-sweet moment.  We can now really feel our trip coming to an end.  It is a slow start and we leave shortly before 10 AM.  We arrive at the border at 11:40 AM and quickly proceed through the Namibia side and arrive at the South Africa side.


It is the most modern border post we have seen on this trip.  They have nice facilities with a covered waiting area.  The visas are processed quickly using computers.  After the dogs have sniffed through the truck, we are on our way.  The clocks shift ahead by an hour.


The rest of the afternoon is spent driving.  We make a transit stop for the night on our way to Cederberg in Springbok, getting there after 5 PM.  We set up camp and grab a shower.  It is now starting to get very cold, and everyone is finding what they can to put on.  It is a bit of a struggle to find a seat around the fire, and some people even put up with the smoky side to keep warm.  Once dinner is over, most people rush off to their tents and the warmth of their sleeping bags.



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