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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Mali - 12 November, 2000



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Bush camp on Bani River (somewhere between Mopti and Djenne) N1415.190' W00410.511' 271 m  
Bozo village on the Bani River
Bani River shore near Djenne N1352.957' W00431.303' 264 m 56 km
Finish Djenne (Hotel campsite) N1354.448' W00433.367' 269 m  5 km


9,606 km


Weather: Mostly cloudy, sunny and very hot.   Cool in the evening and night.



Daily Journal Entry:

Mali00_Bani2_Campsite_1024_Web.gif (217700 bytes)

Last night was the best night's sleep we had since the trip began.  We slept until 6:00 AM - and we could have slept longer, but the cook group started banging pots together.  We got up, packed up our stuff and took down our tent.  After a quick cereal breakfast, we load our stuff onto the boat and are off by 7:10 AM.


Mali00_Bani2_Birds_1032_Web.gif (214717 bytes)

The cruise up the river today is as wonderful as the day before.  In fact, this morning we see even more bird life on and over the river.  We also continue to wave at all the locals (we wave right back) as we go by those in the various villages we pass.


Mali00_Bani2_Village_Bozo_Mosque_1038_Web.gif (176172 bytes)

At 10 AM we stop off at a Bozo village.  The Bozo trip are fishermen.  They are again as friendly as the people in the other villages and we have a great visit.  We take a polaroid photo of one of the fishermen who was explaining to us how the fish traps work.  He was very pleased with and very proud of the photo that we gave to him.


Mali00_Bani2_Boat_Craig_Lars_1035_Web.gif (193348 bytes)

We continued to cruise up the river watching the river life pass us by.  Some of us would lay on the roof of the pirogue, taking a nap and watching this pass by.  Alex, our guide, noticed that we did not bring anything for lunch, so they had purchased some freshwater fish which they fried up and served on some rice.  It was excellent.


Mali00_Djenne_Mosque_1049_Web.gif (181488 bytes)

We arrived at the ferry point near Djenne at 2 PM, where the truck was waiting for us.  We hopped off the boat and unloaded all of our stuff.  We headed into Djenne and stopped at the hotel where we will be spending the night.  We have a quick walk around Djenne, but as it is Sunday, not too much is open.  We see the Grand Mosque, which is also made out of mud bricks.  And it is quite large for a mud brick building.


Mali00_Djenne_Street_Sewer_1048_Web.gif (259899 bytes)

We wonder around the streets for a while and then head back to the campsite to relax.  Some of the streets were not that pleasant, but it is still quite interesting.


Mali00_Djenne_Dinner_Children_Mark_1051_Web.gif (265294 bytes)

After a quick shower, we have an excellent meal prepared by Mark (who had a few small helpers).  We then work on our journals and the computer.









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