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Trans-Russia and Mongolia 2003 - The National Parks


As we passed through Mongolia, we explored numerous national parks.  Many were very isolated and beautiful.  While we were visiting Russia, however, we came upon no national parks, even in Kamchatka.  At least that was what we were told by our guides.  We asked if the area that we hiked through was protected, and they said no.


Mongolia03_CD14_06_web.jpg (113904 bytes)

Hustai National Park, Mongolia - 1 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD16_26_web.jpg (87770 bytes)

Khorgo-Terkh National Park, Mongolia - 4 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD18_26_web.jpg (91865 bytes)

Khangai Nuruu National Park (Orkhon Khürkhree waterfall), Mongolia - 6 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD19_34_web.jpg (56265 bytes)

Khangai Nuruu National Park (Khuislin Naiman Nuur Nature Reserve), Mongolia - 7 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD20_31_web.jpg (114848 bytes)

Gurvansaikhan National Park (Khongoryn Els), Mongolia - 9-10 August, 2003


Mongolia03_CD21_12_web.jpg (135031 bytes)

Gurvansaikhan National Park (Yolyn Am), Mongolia - 10 August, 2003


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