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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Szue Fei and Shien Wei's Wedding,

Malacca, Malaysia - 26 May, 2001


We had just flown back to Kuala Lumpur from Cape Town after having completed our Trans-Africa only a few days earlier.  We had only a couple of days in our apartment in KL, and then we had to pack to head down to Malacca.  We drove down, arriving just after noon.  After checking into our hotel, a group of us headed out for lunch.  We were taken by Edward and Carol to a local Peranakan restaurant - that is what everyone wanted.  After a great meal, we went for a short drive with Carol and Edward in their old Volvo around the old parts of town.  Then back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.


Malaysia01_SzueFeiWedding_JacquiFamily_CDFuji_17_Web.jpg (94331 bytes)

After getting a bit lost in the winding, narrow one way streets and back lanes of Malacca, we arrived at the Renaissance Hotel where the tea ceremony and wedding dinner will take place.  This is the first time that many of Jacqui's relatives have seen us since we left one year ago - Jacqui has not changed much, but Lars has a number 1 haircut (i.e., very short) and a goatee.  It is a heart warming reunion for Jacqui and her family.


Malaysia01_SzueFeiWedding_PoolGroup_CDFuji_18_Web.jpg (90691 bytes)

Jacqui and Lars take their turn being served tea - a change from when we served tea at our wedding to the many members of the Goh family.  Once the tea ceremony is over, there is still time before the wedding dinner so we head down to the bar for a few drinks.  They had a pool table, so we are also able to get in a few games.  We joined by several other people when they hear that we are down in the bar.


Malaysia01_SzueFeiWedding_Family_CDFuji_22_Web.jpg (107733 bytes)

We return to the banquet hall just in time for the dinner.  There were over 30 tables and it took some time for us to find our table.


Malaysia01_SzueFeiWedding_Couple_CDFuji_19_Web.jpg (83761 bytes)

It is a typical Chinese eight course wedding dinner - the only missing ingredient was alcohol.  We had reliable inside information on this state of affairs, and Edward and Carol were kind enough to bring along a bottle of black label for us to share around - Ah Teo was very pleased!!!  We just hope that he did not cause too much of a racket!!!


Malaysia01_SzueFeiWedding_Kissing_CDFuji_21_Web.jpg (76960 bytes)

It was a very enjoyable evening.  We had the usual picture taking breaks - the one of the bride and groom passionately kissing was very popular.  They were asked to repeat it so that more pictures could be taken.  Once the dinner was over, we headed back to the hotel.


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