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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Ecuador - 24-25 October, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Melbourne Beach, Florida S2755.418' W08029.201' 12 m
Miami International Airport, Florida . . . .
Quito Airport . . . .
Finish Hotel Plaza Internacional, Quito S0012.515' W07829.668' 2,799 m .



Weather: Mostly clear and sunny.  Very hot with short rain showers in Florida and cool and windy in Quito.



24 October, 2001

Today is a travel day.  We finished most of packing the night before, so after a last great home cooked meal (thanks mom), we were ready to go.  We packed everything into the rental car and drove the 3 hours to Miami International Airport.


Checking in was a bit of pain given all the new regulations.  But we got through it without to many hassles.  But we did have a long wait - we were there quite early and there is not too much to do at the airport.  The flight down to Quito was uneventful and we landed just about on time.


Quito has a small airport - it is actually nice and quaint.  Cleared immigration without to much trouble - the uniforms of the officials reminded us very much of southern Europe (very grand).  All our bags came out on the carousols, even though it was a bit of a running back and forth game as they used to different belts.


The usual chaotic scene outside the airport.  What seems like thousands of taxi drivers trying to get your attention, along with hundreds of children trying to carry your bags for you.  We waded trough the crowds, got in our taxi and had a quick drive to the hotel.  We pretty much crashed that night.


25 October, 2001


We spent pretty much the whole day running errands.  We had to collect our vouchers for the Galapagos trip (the address we had been given changed over a year ago, so we had to wander and ask quite a bit, but we found them in the end).  We also investigated the options to send our dive gear back home after we come back from Galapagos - now we know why learning Spanish is so important here.  The people at the post office were helpful, but we had some trouble communicating.  In the end, we bought some boxes so that we would be ready when we got back.  Finally went to the internet cafe to let our family know that we had arrived safely.


That evening we went out for dinner at a nice restaurant - great old building with wonderful service.  We had some local style wraps that were very filling and tried a few glasses of the Chilean wine.


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