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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Chile - 27 December, 2001



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Hostelling International, Santiago S3326.567' W07039.789' 532 m
Finish Hostelling International, Santiago S3326.567' W07039.789' 532 m -

Leg 2 Total:

0 km

Leg 1 Total:

9,010 km


771 km

Grand Total:

9,781 km


Weather: Clear, sunny, and very hot.  Cool at night.



Today we run some errands and do touristy things.  Once we are ready (Paolo, thanks for waiting), we head out.  First stop is the laundry, where we drop off our dirty clothes.  Then we walk the 25 minutes to the center of town.  We change some money and even get a good rate after scouting around a bit.


While we are changing money, Paolo has wandered a bit.  As a result we have to go get an espresso.  We discover that there are these espresso bars scattered around town where the waitresses are scantily clad.  We just have to check one out.  In the end, they are very respectable and they even serve a very good cup of coffee.  But we do notice that some customers seem to be regulars.


Chile01_Santiago_Square_C205_Web.jpg (75747 bytes)

Than it is off to the main square and the post office.  The square is very nice - the buildings are nothing too special except for the cathedral and the post office, but it is very pleasant.  We check for our mail and are very happy to see that we have some.  We have to check on a board for our names and we had to check all the names (one was listed under "Polka, Bes" and another under "Lars, Bespolka").  We got 4 packages and 5 letters.  It was tough not to open them right there, but we resisted.


We then wandered up to the Mercado Central to check it out.  There is a huge (mainly fish) market and they have restaurants scattered around in the market.  We wander around checking out what is for sale and which restaurant to pick.  It is great food.  After lunch we pick up some excellent strawberries and cherries as a snack.


Chile01_Santiago_Metro_C204_Web.jpg (89631 bytes)

To burn off some of the calories we consumed, we walked to and up (the elevator was broken) a nearby hill that gave us an excellent view over the city.  Back down again and along the main drag.  We checked out some wine shops and then decided to head back to the hotel.  Rather than walk, we thought we might try out the metro (the underground or subway).  We had heard that one station was nice so we entered there.  After paying our 30 cents, we walked down to the track.  And it was a wonderful station.  A famous local artist had painted huge murals on the walls - we missed one train looking at them.  The trains were frequent and fast, so we did not have to wait too long.


Back at the hotel, we opened up our belated Christmas gifts - many thanks Mom, Dad, Kevin, Corrine, Carl and Ro.  They were greatly appreciated (even Paolo had fun opening one).  Lars then took some time at the internet to update the website and then we repacked the laundry that Jacqui had collected.  The evening was spent getting to know some of the new members of our group.  We first had drinks in a loud local bar and the some of us walked into town to get a bite to eat.  The main purpose of walking into town was, however, to try out some of the ice cream.  Excellent.  We will have to get more tomorrow.


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