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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Argentina - 24 January, 2002



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Municipal Camp Sud, Puerto Madryn S4247.189' W06500.204' 9 m
Finish Aero Club Gonzales Chaves, Otto Ballod S3801.737' W06007.589' 197 m 920 km

Leg 2 Total:

8,210 km

Leg 1 Total:

9,010 km


771 km

Grand Total:

17,881 km


Weather: Mostly clear, sunny and very hot.  Warm at night.



This is a driving day - we have two days of driving to get to Buenos Aires.  We leave early at 7:30 AM.  We prepare a cooked breakfast - the first one in a long time.  And we still leave on time.


We drive all day.  We stop briefly for lunch alongside the road.  The drive is through the Pampas - flat land that is used for farming.  There is sheep and cattle everywhere.  We can see how the beef can be so good.


Around 7 PM we start to look for a place to camp.  It is not easy - this is all farm land that has been fenced off. So we drive for quite a ways, before we see this aerodrome.  We decide to check it out and Sam runs in to see if we can set up camp there.  And they are very happy to allow us to do so.


It seems that they have grounds meant for camping - other flying and gliding groups around the country would come here, camp and then do some flying and gliding.  It was a very nice spot.  We set up camp and then go and watch Sam go for a glider flight.  He is the only one who can go - the sun is setting so they only have time for one.


Argentina02_BA_Enroute_Camp_Flower_4336_Web.jpg (68087 bytes)

We watch the sun set over the sun flower fields.  Behind us there is a huge storm cloud that is full of lightning - it is a magical moment.  We then head back to the camp site and take it easy for the night.  Dinner is another Paolo special - pasta sauce.  After the dinner we have the gala event of the evening.  Tessa has promised to sing "Do not cry for me Argentina" at our last bush camp before Buenos Aires, so tonight is the night for the performance.


Argentina02_BA_Enroute_Camp_Tessa_4340_Web.jpg (79532 bytes)

We turn the top of the truck into a performance stage, turn the lights to face up, get a drink and then take our seats.  Tessa appears on the roof in a nice white dress and puts on an amazing performance under the glow of the nearly full moon.  We clamor for more, but the one performance has to suffice.  It was great.


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