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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Argentina/Chile - 12 January, 2002



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Municipal campsite, El Calafate S5020.166' W07215.513' 203 m
Argentina - Chile border . . . .
Puerto Natales . . . .
Finish Camp site, Lago Pehoe, Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Chile S5106.492' W07259.301' 37 m 400 km

Leg 2 Total:

3,665 km

Leg 1 Total:

9,010 km


771 km

Grand Total:

13,346 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny, cool and windy.   Cold at night.



We cross back into Chile today as we head south towards Tierra del Fuego.  We have a 4 hour drive to the border and we eat lunch on the truck along the way.  The border formalities are not too bad - even on the Chile side where they can be a real pain checking for food products.


Due to the fact that we cannot bring any fresh food with us, we have to make a diversion of about 5 hours south to Puerto Natales to go food shopping for the next few days.  It is a quiet little town, but the small supermarket has enough for us to stock up.  We then have a three hour drive back north to get to the national park of Torres del Paine.  This park has been described as being a mini-Alaska with some of the best hiking in the world.  We will only have time to take a small sampling.


Chile02_Torres1_Camp_View_4292_Web.jpg (103991 bytes)

We arrive at the park at 7:30 PM and set up camp.  It is a wonderful location with a view to the towers across the lake.  We spend the rest of the evening relaxing around the fire, having a bottle or two of wine and enjoying the view of the towers.  The days are starting to get very long as we head further south.


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