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The Travels of

Jacqui and Lars

Kyrgyzstan - 2002



Arrive:  13 August, 2002

Depart:  24 August, 2002



Major Locations Visited:


-  Osh

-  Fergana Valley

-  Kürp-Say Reservoir

-  Song Kul Lake

-  Orto-Tokoj Reservoir

-  Lake Issyk-Kul

-  Karakol

-  Jeti-Öghüz Gorge

-  Cholpon-Ata

-  Bishkek

-  Ala-Archa Gorge


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Dates Location
13 August, 2002 Fergana, Uzbekistan to border to Osh, Kyrgyzstan
14 August, 2002 Osh to bush camp (Kürp-Say Reservoir)
15 August, 2002 Bush camp (Kürp-Say Reservoir) to Ala-Bel Pass to bush camp near Kyzl-Oy
16 August, 2002 Bush camp near Kyzl-Oy to Korakichi Pass to a yurt camp on Song Kul Lake
17 August, 2002 Yurt camp on Song Kul Lake to a bush camp (Orto-Tokoj Reservoir)
18 August, 2002 Bush camp (Orto-Tokoj Reservoir) to Bokonbaevo to Lake Issyk-Kul to Karakol
19 August, 2002 Karakol to Jeti-Öghüz Gorge
20 August, 2002 Jeti-Öghüz Gorge to Cholpon-Ata
21 August, 2002 Cholpon-Ata to Bishkek
22 August, 2002 Bishkek
23 August, 2002 Bishkek to Ala-Archa Gorge to bush camp on Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border
24 August, 2002 Bush camp on Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan border to transit through Kazakhstan to Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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