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Central Asia 2002 - The National Parks


While we saw some incredible natural beauty on our trip along the Central Silk Route as we passed through Central Asia in 2002, there were virtually no national parks protecting this wonderful heritage.  We hope that they will soon introduce some parks to protect what they have - which is incredible - before it is spoilt by reckless development.


Kyrgyz02_CD07_04_web.jpg (77432 bytes)

Kyrgyz National Nature Reserve, Ala-Archa, Kyrgyzstan - 23 August, 2002


Turkey02_CD23_09_web.jpg (88988 bytes)

Altid Altindere National Park, Turkey - 23 September, 2002


Turkey02_CD25_18_web.jpg (78073 bytes)

Göreme Historical National Park, Turkey - 26 September, 2002


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