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Central Asia 2002 - The Best Parties


As we made our way along the Central Silk Route through Central Asia, we had the occasional party.  Some were planned, some were spontaneous.  Some got a little out of control - normally the result of too much alcohol (funny that).  But for some reason, we did not have has many wild occasions as on our Trans-Africa.  Maybe it was because we were in more cities and other tourist attractions where there other things to do than just hang out at our camp site and drink around the fire.  Also, we had more quiet moments, such as when we would just enjoy the sheesha under the stars at our desert or mountain camps.  In this short selection of our best parties in Central Asia, please excuse us if we have missed out on some that are others' favorites (or let us know which we other ones we should include here).


Uzbek02_CD08_24_web.jpg (55273 bytes)

Dinner at Bahor Restaurant, Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 25 August, 2002


Uzbek02_CD13old_03_web.jpg (90571 bytes)

Dinner at the last Khan's Summer Palace, Khiva, Uzbekistan - 3 September, 2002


Azer02_CD16_28_web.jpg (81674 bytes)

Dinner at the Caravanserai, Baku, Azerbaijan - 12 September, 2002


Georgia02_CD18_07_web.jpg (61246 bytes)

Traditional Georgian Dinner, Tblisi, Georgia - 16 September, 2002


Georgia02_CD21_26_web.jpg (59314 bytes)

Funny hat party, Shovi, Georgia - 19 September, 2002


Turkey02_CD28_35_web.jpg (71229 bytes)

Cave dinner, Goreme, Turkey - 25 September, 2002


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