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Central Asia 2002  -  The Best Camp Sites


Set out below are a selection of some of the best camp sites that we stayed at on our trip along the Central Silk Route through Central Asia.  Due to the nature of the trip, however, we did not encounter the same number and quality of camp sites, in particular bush camps, as on our Trans-Africa.  Most of the best camp sites were in Kyrgyzstan, where we also spent a greater proportion of the time in natural settings, rather than cities.


Kyrgyz02_CD03A_04_web.jpg (66780 bytes)

Bush camp, Kürp-Say Reservoir, Kyrgyzstan - 14 August, 2002


Kyrgyz02_CD04A_14_web.jpg (86332 bytes)

Bush camp, Kyzl-Oy, Kyrgyzstan - 15 August, 2002


Kyrgyz02_CD05_36_web.jpg (44848 bytes)

Yurt Camp, Song Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan - 16 August, 2002


Kyrgyz02_CD05_09_web.jpg (68805 bytes)

Bush Camp, Orto-Tokoj Reservoir, Kyrgyzstan - 17 August, 2002


Kyrgyz02_CD06_21_web.jpg (79047 bytes)

Bush Camp, Jeti-Öghüz Gorge, Kyrgyzstan - 19 August, 2002


Turkmen02_CD14_35_web.jpg (80832 bytes)

Bush Camp, north of Darvaza, Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan - 5 September, 2002


Azer02_CD16_08_web.jpg (41564 bytes)

Bush Camp, near Samaxi, Azerbaijan - 13 September, 2002


Turkey02_CD23_03_web.jpg (11997 bytes)

Bush Camp, near Siva, Turkey - 24 September, 2002


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