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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Norway/Sweden/Denmark - 17 August, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Kolsås, Oslo (Jørgen's place) N59º54.811' E010º30.941' 117 meters .
Norway-Sweden Border . . . .
Sweden-Denmark border . . . .
Øresundsbron (Øresund Bridge) . . . .
Finish Køge, Denmark (Valløstifts Camping) N55º26.673' E012º11.555' 0 meters 680 km

Total (BMW 330CiC)

16,850 km

Total (other):

5,470 km


22,320 km


Weather: Overcast, occasional rain and warm (around 21°C).  Late afternoon mostly clear, sunny and warm.  Cool overnight.



Today is pretty much a driving day.  Our objective is to leave Oslo, Norway, pass through Sweden and, after crossing over the Øresund Bridge, drive as far as possible through Denmark towards Germany.  Having said that, we have a bit of a slow start from Oslo.  We take a while to have our breakfast, get ready, pack up the car and then say our goodbyes.  We leave Oslo shortly after noon.


We pass through Oslo and then make our way south towards the border with Sweden.  The drive is pretty straight forward, except that we certainly have lost the summer weather.  It is now cloudy with occasional rain.  No chance to drive with the top down.  The road is pretty good, except for a few spots where they are doing some expansion and construction work.  Before leaving Norway, we stop at a petrol station to fill up our gas tank and to buy some snacks - we might as well spend the last of our Norwegian Kroner.


At around 2:30 PM we cross into Sweden.  It is actually quite a scenic drive through parts of Sweden.  But once we start to approach Goteborg, it loses it's attractiveness.  In addition, the traffic starts to build up and at one point it is bumper-to-bumper.  Looks like there are lots of roads merging into one before splitting up again.  Wasted lots of time getting through that city.  Guess we were there close to rush hour.


At 8 PM we arrive at the point in Sweden where they have built the bridge-tunnel connection across to Denmark.  By this point in time, the clouds have cleared and we have a beautiful evening sky with the sun just beginning to set.  We pay our toll and then drive onto the bridge - it is quite an impressive bridge.  Simple, but yet sleek and elegant.  It is pretty empty and we soon cross over the bridge.  But before we can reach the Danish mainland, the bridge turns into a tunnel.


We pass from the bridge onto a small island and then slip below the surface of the water and make our way under the sound to the Danish mainland.  We emerge from the tunnel into Denmark and just carry on.  We want to see how far we can get this evening.  We pass south of Copenhagen and then as it is around 9 PM we decide to start looking for a campsite.  At Køge, we turn off the highway and the signage leads us to a selection of three possible campsites.  We just pick one of them that looks decent and book a cabin.  Not the cheapest, but they have what we need and they are comfortable.


After a few hitches trying to figure out how to turn on the power in the cabin (there is a switch hidden in the cupboard and they have a sign telling you to switch it on, but it is a bit hard to read it in the dark!!!), we settle into our home for the night.  We do not do much this evening other then sort out our stuff, have dinner and relax a bit.  This campsite is clearly geared to people who book a week or so and spend their summer holiday here.  Off to bed.


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