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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Norway - 12 August, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Høyfjellssenter, Skjerdingen N61º42.502' E010º34.109' 842 meters .
-  Hirkjöllen Farm . . . .
Finish Høyfjellssenter, Skjerdingen N61º42.502' E010º34.109' 842 meters 20 km (by car)

Total (BMW 330CiC)

15,808 km

Total (other):

5,342 km


21,150 km


Weather: In the morning clear, sunny and hot.  In the afternoon a few clouds, which cleared by late afternoon.  Cool wind.  In the evening cool and clear.



Other than our usual breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel, our main activity today was going to visit in the morning the old farm, Hirkjöllen, where Lars' mom spent the winter of 1945/6 along with a couple of other girls and a teacher who schooled them.  Based on our visit and the stories, this must have been a very tough time and a stressful experience.  Today, the farm looks wonderful and idyllic in the hot, blue summer day.  What it must have been like under meters of snow with temperatures well below freezing, we can only imagine.


Anyway, we drive up to the farm and walk in and knock on the main farm building - it looks like someone is here.  We are actually quite fortunate as it is the daughter of the farmer that was here when my mother was there.  They get to talking and she is kind enough to show us around the farm and the various buildings.


First we enter the small log cabin that my mother and the other girls lived in.  It is very basic, but pleasant with fire places and beds and a dining room.  It has been very well maintained and many original items are still there.  There are a number of B&W pictures hanging on the wall from that period.  My mom tells the stories about how they would huddle around the small fire place during the really cold nights.


From here we went to the main farm building - another excellent job done with the maintenance.  It is beautiful with the wooden walls, beams and floor.  The furniture just looks so comfortable and warm in here amongst the fireplaces and other decoration.  As we go through the kitchen we notice that we had interrupted her in dressing a cake with cream and fresh fruits.


As we cross the front lawn we pass by the well - still there and functioning.  Imagine pulling all your water out of that well in the winter.  Next to the well is another storage shed that the teacher used as his bedroom.  He slept in the room on the second floor, reached through the stairs on the front exterior.  Up stairs they have done an excellent job with the original fittings.  They even have on display the old cotton pajamas that they used to use in those days.


Back out on the lawn we hang around and take in the place while my mother talks with he farmer's daughter.  It really is a wonderful moment.  We then take a few last pictures and bid our farewell.  As we are walking out to the car, we hear a story of how Lars' mom and her friend once just had to much and put on their skis and headed down to the nearest town of Atna (many kilometers).  There they caught a train to Koppang to go visit family.  And then back on the train and back up the mountain in the snow on their skis.  To get supplies, the farmer would hitch the horses up to the carriage and they would ride down to Atna to collect what they needed.


Back at the mountain resort, after lunch we just spent the afternoon hanging out - reading, napping, working on photos and journals and taking care of our nephew and niece.  We washed up for dinner, which turned out to be roasted moose meat.  It was very good.  We have had moose meat a number of times while in Norway as Lars' cousin is a hunter.  It is very tasty (and healthy).


After dinner, we did the usual - hanging out in the reception and up in one of the rooms having a drink or two and playing some games and chatting.


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