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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


Norway - 27 July, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Roa, Hadeland (Bjørklia, Tante Berit's cabin) N59º55.542' E010º43.059' 61 meters .
Kolsås, Olso (Jorgen's place) . . . .
Sailing on the Oslo Fjord . . . 25 km (by sailboat)
Finish Oslo (Tante Berit's place) N59º55.542' E010º43.059' 61 meters 95 km

Total (BMW 330CiC)

13,366 km

Total (other):

5,200 km


18,566 km


Weather: Partly cloudy, sunny and hot.  In the afternoon there is a brief thunder and rain storm.  In the evening cool.



We are leaving the cabin today - while we are sad, it is time to move and see and do some other things.  We have our usual breakfast on the porch and then, after cleaning up, begin to pack our stuff.  It's amazing how scattered one's things can get over just a few days.  But we are loaded up and in our car by 11:30 AM.  It takes us a bit over an hour to drive back into to Oslo.  We have never gone this way before and we are pleased at ourselves for not getting lost on the country roads.


We arrive at Jorgen's place in Kolsås on the outskirts of Oslo and get our stuff sorted out before heading out for our afternoon's activity - sailing on the Oslo Fjord.  We head off and along the way we stop at the supermarket to stock up on supplies.  We plan on having our lunch on board, followed by a barbeque on an island somewhere.  So we have lots of things to stock up on - including cakes, meats, fish, snacks, breads, cheese, drinks and, of course, a one time use barbeque.


After this major shopping expedition, we drive down to the dock where we make several trips to carry everything down to the boat.  We load everything into the sailboat and then begin the preparations to pull away.  Lars gives Jorgen a hand with the lines while the ladies put everything away.  Soon, we are out in the channel heading into the fjord.


Once clear of the channel we raise the sails and begin crisscrossing the fjord as we tack against the wind.  The weather is perfect - sunny and warm with a nice wind.  We prepare lunch - sandwiches with a variety of toppings - which we enjoy while sitting in the open cockpit.


We spend the next few hours just enjoying the ride.  Sailboats are wonderful because they are so quiet and you feel so in touch with the sea.  We enjoy the view, the good company, the sun's rays on our faces, the occasional drink, and the frequent laugh.  Sometimes we hang out on the deck and sometimes in the cockpit.


At around 6 PM we make our way to an island in the fjord where we will tie up the boat and have our barbeque dinner.  Lars gets the job of jumping from the bow of the boat onto the rock island and tying her up.  We then hand across all the necessary supplies for dinner and everyone else jumps ashore.


We have a wonderful dinner on the rock island.  We start up the one-time use barbeque and once it is hot enough begin to cook the food.  We have steaks, hotdogs and a full range of seafood.  Due to the small surface area of the barbeque, we have to cook the food in shifts.  But it worked out well - we spread the meal out and everything is eaten fresh and hot straight off the coals.


We follow this huge meal with some pastries, cakes and chocolate.   We even heat up some water for coffee and tea.  And to round it all off we have a wee dram of single malt from our small hip flask.  It has really come in handy.  Soon, however, it is time to get ready to go and head back to the dock.  There is a bit less for us to bring back onto the boat - most of it has been eaten.  Once everyone is on, Lars unties the boat and jumps on as he pushes it away.


We then cruise back towards the dock.  It is now around 10 PM and the sky has started to slowly darken.  When it is a deep blue, the moon comes up above the horizon.  It is a spectacular evening as we cruise back and tie up for the night.  We all help out in getting the boat ready - folding up, putting away and tying down.


From here we head back to Tante Berit's for the night.  We drive off at around 11 PM and arrive half an hour later.  After the usual problems of finding a parking lot, we make our way up to the apartment.  Lars does some work and then we settle in for the night.  What a great day - we have always enjoyed out sailing trips out on the Oslo Fjord.


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