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The Travel Journal of Jacqui and Lars


France - 10 May, 2004



Location Latitude Longitude Elevation

Travel Distance

Start Amboise (Hotel Le Chaptal) N47º24.786' E000º59.149' 83 meters .
Finish Mont Saint Michel (Hotel Formula Verte) N48º38.153' W001º30.727' 75 meters 395 km

Total (BMW 330CiC)

2,051 km

Total (other):

455 km


2,506 km


Weather: In the morning mostly clear, sunny and cool/warm.  Around noon overcast and cool with occasional rain.



In mid-morning, after a bit of a lazy start to the day, we head into town for a bit of a wander and shopping - we have a need to contribute to the local economy.  It has started out as a very nice day and we are very excited about a visit to one more château.  So we soon make our way back to our hotel and car and load up our stuff and get on the road.  We put down the top and are cruising along.  The only problem - after almost an hour of driving the clouds roll in and a few drops of rain begin to fall.  We pull to the side of the road and after a short period of deliberation, we decide to forget about visiting another château and, rather, to put the roof back up on our car and make our way north up to our next destination - Mont St. Michel.


It takes almost five hours of driving - including a picnic lunch at one of the many rest stops - to reach the small commercial village on the mainland just before Mont St Michel.  It is still overcast, and we get a brief view of the abbey on the top of the small island, before we reach this small village.  We decide to find a place here to stay the night as the weather is not that great.  We have no desire to head out to the island itself with the weather like this.


We settle into our room and spend the rest of the afternoon resting, working on our journal and going for a short walk when the rain pauses for the evening.  We are able to head out to the start of the causeway and get a view of the island and abbey.


For dinner, we are too late for the cafe and head over to one of the restaurants that form apart of the hotels that dominate this village.  And what a horrible dinner.  While he food is OK, the service is horrible.  We have to wait hours to give our order, to get served the food and to pay our bill.  And the food is only just OK.


We spend the rest of the evening back in our room working on our journals.


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